EECS 564, Detection Estimation and Filtering (Winter 2020), (homepage)

Courses taught in the past:

EECS 203, Discrete Mathematics.

EECS 206, Signals and Systems I.

EECS 210, Introduction to Electrical Engineering I.

EECS 353, Intro to Communications.

EECS 452, Signal Processing Laboratory.

EECS 453, Analog Communications.

EECS 452, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory.

EECS 501, Probability and Random Processes.

EECS 564, Estimation, Filtering and Detection.

EECS 559, Advanced Signal Processing.

EECS 598, Random Graphs (homepage) (course schedule).

EECS 659, Adaptive Signal Processing.

EECS 750, Signal Processing: State of the Art and Unsolved Problems.