Past and Present Postdoctoral Students

  1. Salimeh Yasaei Sekeh (2015 – )
  2. Sijia Liu (2015-2018), IBM Research, Cambridge, MA.
  3. Hye Won Chung (2014-2017), Asst. Prof. at KAIST
  4. Yassin Yilmaz (2014-2016), Asst. Prof. at University of South Florida
  5. Taposh Banerjee (2014-2015), Postdoc at Harvard
  6. Jie Chen (2014-2015), Asst. Prof. at Northwestern Polytechnic University
  7. Goran Marjanovic (2013-2014), Univ South Wales, Australia
  8. Greg Newstadt, (2012-2014), Software Engineer at Google, Inc.
  9. Alex Kulesza, (2012-2014) Postdoc at Univ. of Michigan
  10. Joyce Liu, (2012-2013) Postdoc at UC Berkeley and UPenn
  11. Dennis Wei (2011-2013), IBM Watson Research
  12. Sung Jin Hwang, (2012), Software Engineer at Google, Inc.
  13. Koby Todros (2010-2012), Assistant Professor, Ben Gurion Univ.
  14. Francesca Bassi (2011-2012), Research Scientist, ENST Paris
  15. Roni Mittelman (2010-2011), Post-doc Univ. of Michigan
  16. Xu Chen (2010-2011), Research Engineer, Sharp Labs of America
  17. Ami Wiesel (2007-2009), Associate Professor, Hebrew University
  18. Eran Bashan (2008) CEO Hygiea Inc.
  19. Nicolas Dobigeon (2007), Professor ENSEEIHT (Toulouse)
  20. Mark Kliger (2006-2007), CTO Medasense Biometrics, Ltd.
  21. Neal Patwari (2005-2006), Associate Professor University of Utah
  22. Raviv Raich (2004-2007), Associate Professor Oregon State University
  23. Pei-Jung Chung (2004), Lecturer, University of Edinborough
  24. Cyrille Hory (2003-2004), Research Staff INRETS
  25. Christophe Vignat (2000-2001), Professor Univ. of Paris XI
  26. Stephane Chretien, (1995-1998), Associate Professor University of Besancon
  27. Olivier Michel, (1993-1994), Professor INP

Students doing research under my supervision

  1. Joel LeBlanc (EECS G)
  2. Brandon Oselio (EECS G)
  3. Yu-Hui Chen
  4. Elizabeth Hou (Statistics MS)
  5. Yaya Zhai (Bioinformatics MS)
  6. Yun Wei (Mathematics/AIM)
  7. Audelia Wittbrodt (Applied Physics)

Former PhD Students

  1. Tianpei Xie
    Research Engineer at Eaton Inc., Thesis title: Robust Learning from Multiple Information Sources, (.pdf). Dept of EECS May 2017.
  2. Kristjan Greenewald
    Post-doc Dept. of Statistics University of Michigan, Thesis title: High dimensional covariance estimation for spatio-temporal processes, (.pdf). Dept of EECS Jan. 2017.
  3. Pin-Yu Chen
    Post-doc IBM Watson. Thesis title: Analysis and actions on graph data, (.pdf). Dept of EECS Sept. 2016.
  4. Kevin Moon
    Post-doc Yale University. Thesis title: Nonparametric Estimation of Distributional Functionals and Applications, (.pdf). Dept of EECS Aug. 2016.
  5. Yu-Hui Chen
    Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View. Thesis title: Multimodal Image Fusion and Its Applications, (.pdf). Dept of EECS Nov. 2015.
  6. Dae-Yon Jung
    Research Scientist, Korean manpower establishment. Thesis title: Feature Selection and Non-Euclidean Dimensionality Reduction: Application to Electrocardiology, (.pdf). Dept of EECS June 2015.
  7. Hamed Firouzi
    Quantitative Analyst, Goldman Sachs, New York, NY. Thesis title “High Dimensional Correlation Networks and Their Applications.” (.pdf). Dept of EECS Feb. 2015.
  8. Zhaoshi Meng
    Senior researcher at Vicarious, Inc., San Francisco CA. Thesis title “Distributed learning, prediction and detection in probabilistic graphs.” Dept of EECS Aug. 2014.
  9. Jeffrey Calder
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota. Formerly, Morrey Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UC Berkeley. Thesis title “Hamilton-Jacobi equations for sorting and percolation problems,” (.pdf) . Dept. Mathematics, AIM Program, Apr. 2014. (Co-chair Selim Esedoglu).
  10. Ko-Jen (Mark) Hsiao
    Senior research scientist at Netflix, Inc. Thesis title “Combining Disparate Information for Machine Learning,” (.pdf) . Dept. EECS Apr. 2014.
  11. Ted Tsiligkaridis
    Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington MA. High Dimensional Separable Representations for Statistical Estimation and Controlled Sensing, (.pdf) . Dept. EECS Dec. 2013.
  12. Se-Un Park
    Research staff, Schlumberger Research, Cambridge MA. Reconstruction, Classification, and Segmentation for Computational Microscopy, (.pdf) . Dept. EECS Aug. 2013.
  13. Paul Shearer
    Data scientist at MassMutual Financial Group, Boston MA. Separable inverse problems, blind deconvolution, and stray light correction for extreme ultraviolet solar images, (.pdf) , Program in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics, May 2013. (Co-chairs Anna Gilbert and Rich Frazin).
  14. Greg Newstadt
    Software Engineer, Google, Inc, Pittsburgh PA. Adaptive sensing techniques for dynamic target tracking and detection with applications to synthetic aperture radars, (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Jan 2013.
  15. Tzu-Yu Liu
    Postdoc at UC Berkeley and U Pennsylvania. Thesis Statistical Learning for Sample-Limited High-dimensional Problems with Application to Biomedical Data (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Jan 2013. (Co-chair Clayton Scott).
  16. Sung Jin Hwang
    Software Engineer at Google, Inc, Mountain View, CA. Thesis Geometric representation of high dimensional data , (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Oct 2012. (Co-chair Steven Damelin).
  17. Kevin Xu
    Assistant Professor, University of Toledo, OH. Thesis ,Computational methods for learning and inference on dynamic networks (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, May 2012.
  18. Kumar Sricharan
    Research staff at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Palo Alto CA. Thesis Neighborhood graphs for estimation of density functionals, (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, April 2012.
  19. Arnau Tibau Puig
    Research staff at WalmartLabs, San Francisco CA. Thesis Learning from high-dimensional multivariate signals, (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Jan 2012.
  20. Yilun Chen
    Program Manager at Eaton Corporate Research and Technology, Shanghai China. Thesis Regularized Estimation of High-dimensional Covariance Matrices (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, March 2011.
  21. Yongsheng Huang
    Research Staff at Merck Research, Cambridge MA. Thesis (Bioinformatics) Integrative Statistical Learning and Applications in Predicting Features of Diseases and Health (.pdf) , Bioinformatics Program, Jan 2011. (Co-chair Jay Hess).
  22. Patrick Harrington
    Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs, San Francisco CA. Thesis (Bioinformatics) Inverse problems in high dimensional stochastic systems under uncertainty, (.pdf) , Bioinformatics Program, Aug. 2010.
  23. Kevin Carter
    Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft, Inc. Formerly Associate Group Leader, at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Thesis (EECS) Dimensionality Reduction on Statistical Manifolds, (.pdf) , Dept. of EECS, Dec. 2008.
  24. Arvind Rao
    Assistant Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX. Thesis (EECS/Bioinformatics) Prospective identification of long-range transcriptional regulatory regions via integrative genomics, (.pdf) . Bioinformatics Program and Dept. of EECS, July 2008. (Co-chairs David states and Douglas Engel).
  25. Eran Bashan
    CEO, Director and Founder, Hygiea Inc, Ann Arbor MI. Thesis (EECS) Efficient resource allocation schemes for search, (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, May 2008. (Co-chair Jeffrey Fessler).
  26. Jay Marble
    Senior EW Engineer at URS Federal Services, Bloomington IN. Thesis (EECS) Advances in surface penetrating technologies for imaging, detection, and classification, (.pdf) . Dept. EECS, Dec. 2007.
  27. Raghuram Rangarajan
    Principal Engineer at Mimosa Networks, San Jose CA. Thesis (EECS) Resource constrained adaptive sensing, (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Aug 2006.
  28. Derek Justice
    Research Staff at SAS Institute Inc, Raleigh NC. Thesis (EECS) “Inference methods for message endpoint localization in networks,” (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Aug. 2006.
  29. Dongxiao Zhu
    Associate Professor at Wayne State University, Detroit MI. Thesis (EECS) “Reconstructing Signaling Pathways from High Throughput Data” (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, May 2006.
  30. Doron Blatt
    Head of Algorithmic Trading at DRW Trading Group, Chicago IL. Thesis (EECS) “Performance Evaluation and Optimization for Inference Systems: Model Uncertainty, Distributed Implementation, and Active Sensing,” (.pdf) . Dept. EECS, May 2006.
  31. Michael Ting
    Software developer at Criteo, Paris France. Thesis (EECS) “Signal Processing for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy,” (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, May 2006.
  32. Neal Patwari
    Associate Professor at Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Thesis (EECS) Location estimation in sensor networks (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Sept. 2005.
  33. Jose Costa
    Quantitative Analyst at Teza Technologies, Chicago. Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) Random graphs for structure discovery in high dimensional data , Dept. EECS, Aug. 2005.
  34. Chris Kreucher
    Senior Systems Engineer at Integrity Applications Incorporated in Ann Arbor, MI. Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) An information-based approach to sensor resource allocation , Dept. EECS, Feb. 2005.
  35. Clyde Shih
    Staff Research Scientist at KLA-Tencor Corp, San Jose, CA. Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) Unicast Internet Tomography , Dept. EECS, Jan. 2005.
  36. Huzefa Neemuchwala
    Senior Director for Data and Digital Solutions, Medtronic. Thesis (Biomedical Engineering) (.pdf) Entropic graphs for image registration , Dept. Biomedical Engineering, Jan. 2005.
  37. Tom Kragh
    Senior Principal Research Engineer, BAE Systems Inc, NH. Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) : Tradeoffs and limitations in statistically based image reconstruction problems , Dept. EECS, Sept. 2002.
  38. Jia Li
    Associate Professor at Oakland University, MI. PhD Thesis (Biomedical Engineering) (.pdf) : Three dimensional shape modeling: segmentation, reconstruction and registration , Dept. BME, Jan. 2002.
  39. Mahesh Godavarti
    Chief Scientist at Ditech Networks (mgodavarti at Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) : Antenna arrays in wireless communications, , Dept. EECS, July 2001.
  40. Riten (Robby) Gupta
    Research Staff TRW Inc, Los Angeles (Riten.Gupta at Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) : Quantization Strategies for Low-Power Communications, , Dept. EECS, May 2001.
  41. Hyungsoo Kim
    Research Engineer at Samsung Electronics, Korea ( at, dearhs at Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) : Adaptive target detection in radar imaging, , Dept. EECS, Jan. 2001.
  42. Bing Ma
    Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV. (bingm at Thesis (EECS) (.pdf) : `Parametric and non-parametric approaches for multisensor data fusion Dept. EECS, Jan. 2001.
  43. Robinson Piramuthu
    Principal Research Scientist and Director of Computer Vision at eBay Research Labs. Thesis (EECS) Robust fusion of MRI and ECT data, and acceleration of EM algorithm using proximal point approach , Dept. of EECS, May 2000.
  44. Anne Sauve
    Data Scientist at Cisco. PhD Thesis System modeling, sampling, interprolation and iterative reconstruction for the 3D Compton camera, Dept. of EECS, Jan. 2000.
  45. Steven Titus
    CTO, BIS Global, Raleigh NC. Formerly Director of Engineering at Echo360, Raleigh NC. Thesis (EECS) Improved penalized likelihood image reconstruction of anatomically correlated emission computed tomography data , Dept. EECS, Oct. 1996. (Co-chair Jeffrey Fessler).
  46. Ilan Sharfer
    Senior Algorithms Engineer, ECI Telecom, Israel. PhD Thesis Recursive algorithms for digital communications using the discrete wavelet transform , Dept. EECS, Oct. 1996
  47. Mohammad Usman
    Vice President of Engineering, Masimo Corporation, Irvine CA (usman92691 at Thesis (EECS) Biased and unbiased Cramer-Rao bounds: computational issues and applications (.pdf) , Dept. EECS, Aug. 1994.
  48. Ron Delap
    Professor and Dean of Engineering and Engineering Technology, LeTourneau University, Longview TX. PhD Thesis ADEPT: Task Specific Adaptive Beamforming , Dept. EECS, May 1994.
  49. Nick Antoniadis
    Professor of Computer Engineering, TEI of Epirus, Greece. Thesis (EECS) Time Delay Estimation for Inhomogeneous Poisson Processes in the Presence of Gaussian Noise , Dept. EECS, Oct. 1992.
  50. Bulent Baygun
    Market Strategist and Quantitative Researcher at Laurion Capital. Formerly, Head of Interest Rate Strategy, BNP-Paribas, New York NY (bbaygun at Thesis (EECS) Optimal Strategies and Tradeoffs for Joint Detection and Estimation , Dept. EECS, Oct. 1992.
  51. Nick Petrick
    Deputy Director of the Division of Imaging and Applied Math and Director of the Image Analysis Laboratory, Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Thesis (EECS) Optimal Arrival Time Estimators for Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors , Dept. EECS, July 1992.
  52. John Gorman
    Program Manager at DARPA.Thesis (EECS) Error Bounds in Constrained Estimation , Dept. EECS, June 1991.
  53. Ling Shao
    Director of Imaging Physics, Philips Healthcare, CA. Thesis (Bioengineering Program) Mutual Information Optimization and Evaluation of Single Photon Computed Tomography , Bioengineering Program, Oct. 1989.
  54. Joong K. Kim
    Professor at Sung Kyun Kwan University, Korea (jkkim at Thesis (EECS) Time Delay Estimation with Nuisance Parameters: Performance Approximation and Coarse Acquisition , Dept. EECS, Oct. 1989.

Former Master’s Students

  • Alfredo Bravo (EECS G)
  • Tony Van (Statistics MS)
  • Jimmy Li (Math/EECS MS)
  • Christine Kim (EECS G)
  • Kyle Herrity (EECS G), Applications Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor
  • Xing Zhou (EECS G), Engineer at Northrup-Grumman
  • Nitin Nayer (EECS G)
  • Yuezhou Jing (Statistics G)
  • Sakina Zabuawala (EECS G)
  • Megan Flynn (EECS G)
  • Sebastien Cerbourg (Financial Engineering G)
  • Arpit Almal (EECS G) 
  • Kashif Israr Siddiqui (EECS G)
  • Chunyu (Frank) Yip (EECS G)
  • Krish Subramanian (EECS G)
  • Baptiste Poupard, Single Stock Volatility Trader, Head of Asia Flow at Societe Generale, Hong Kong 
  • Matthieu Colet, Consultant at MUREX, Paris France
  • Ram Kakarala, Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Adrian Yap, Hughes
  • Agissilaos Ziotopoulos

Former Bachelor’s Students

  • Laurent Guillaume (Stagiare) 
  • Adam Pocholsky (UG-UROP) 
  • Liyan Huang (UG-UROP)
  • Smita Krishnaswamy (UG-UROP) 
  • Alina Chu (UG-UROP) 
  • Hafez Hadinejad (TH-Darmstadt) 
  • Richard Cheung (UM) 
  • Christophe Guillouet (ECN) 

Other Students

  • Jindan Yu University of Michigan, PhD Thesis: Transcript profiling of the cone-only Nrl-knockout retina using custom cDNA-microarrays: identification of novel targets of Nrl and of signaling pathways involved photoreceptor function , Dept. BME, Jan. 2004,
  • Jeffrey O’Neill, PhD Dept EECS, Univ of Michigan.
  • Anne-Emanuelle Badel, PhD at Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon, France
  • Yong Zhang, PhD in BME at Univ of Michigan. Presently at KLA-TENCOR.

Current Collaborators

  • Frank Bogun, Dept Cardiology, Univ of Michigan.
  • Jose Bermudez, Univ Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • Larry Carin, ECE, Duke University
  • Doug Cochran, Dept ECE Arizona State Univ
  • Pierre Comon, INPG, University of Grenoble
  • Marc de Graef, CMU
  • Steve Damelin, Mathematics Reviews, Ann Arbor
  • Veronique Delouille, Royal Observatory of Belgium
  • Nicolas Dobigeon, Univ of Toulouse, France.
  • Yonina Eldar, Technion, Israel.
  • Emre Ertin, ECE Ohio State University
  • Selim Esedolglu, Mathematics, Univ. Michigan
  • William Finn, Dept of Pathology, Univ of Michigan.
  • Gilles Fleury, Ecole Superieure d’Electricite, Gif-s-Yvette, France.
  • John Fisher, CSAIL, MIT
  • Geoffrey Ginsburg, Center for Genomic Medicine, Duke University.
  • Yuantao Gu, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
  • Jay Hess, Dept. Dept Pathology, Univ of Michigan.
  • Franz Hlawatch, Technical Univ of Vienna.
  • Jon How, Aerospace, MIT
  • Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley
  • Joseph Lucas, Duke University
  • Olivier Michel, INPG, Univ Grenoble
  • Steve McLaughlin, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
  • Chuck Meyer, Dept Radiology, Univ of Michigan.
  • Raj Rao Nadakuditi, EECS, University of Michigan
  • Nasser Nasrabadi, ARL
  • Pablo Piantanida, Supelec, Paris
  • Bala Rajaratnam, Dept Statistics, Stanford Univ.
  • Leonardo Rey Vega, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cedric Richard, Univeristy of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
  • Dan Rugar, IBM Almaden.
  • Silvio Savarese, Dept CS, Stanford.
  • Brian Sadler, ARL
  • Clay Scott, Dept EECS, Univ of Michigan.
  • John Sidles, Dept BME, Univ of Washington.
  • Jeff Simmons, AFRL
  • Stefano Soatto, UCLA
  • Jean-Yves Tourneret, Univ of Toulouse, France.
  • Alan Willsky LIDS, MIT.
  • Christopher Woods, Medical School, Duke University
  • Angela Yu, UC San Diego
  • Bin Yu, UC Berkeley
  • Aimee Zaas, Medical School, Duke University
  • Ed Zelnio, AFRL

Past Collaborators

  • Dan Bliss, MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
  • Joachim Bohme, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum
  • Paul Carson, Dept Radiology, Univ of Michigan.
  • David Castanon, Dept ECE Boston University.
  • Clem Karl, Dept ECE Boston University.
  • Neal Clinthorne, Dept Radiology Univ of Michigan.
  • Neiyer Correal, Motorola
  • David Donoho, Statistics, Stanford
  • Pierre Duhamel, CNRS, France.
  • Douglas Engel, Dept Cell and Developmental Biology, Univ of Michigan.
  • Jeffrey Fessler, Dept EECS Univ of Michigan.
  • Rajiva Goyal, Internal Medicine F D M Plc, formerly at University Hospital at Univ Michigan.
  • Simon Haykin, Mcmaster University
  • Keith Kastella, SRI
  • Spyros Kyperountas, Motorola
  • Sridhar Lakshmanan, Dept ECE, Univ. of Michigan – Dearborn
  • Stephane Mallat, Ecole Polytechnique, France
  • Tom Marzetta, Lucent Bell Laboratories -Murray Hill.
  • Christoph Mecklenbrauker, Telecommunicaions Research Center, Vienna
  • Eric Miller, Tufts.
  • Eric Moulines, Telecom Paris-Tech, Paris
  • Rob Nowak, ECE University of Wisconsin
  • Mila Nikolova, Dept Mathematics, Ecole Normal Superieure, Cachan France.
  • Mike Rabat, McGill University
  • Les Rogers, Nuclear Medicine Univ of Michigan.
  • Harry Schmitt, Raytheon Inc.
  • Stuart Schwartz, Princeton University
  • Wayne Stark, EECS Univ of Michigan.
  • David States, Dept Human Genetics, Univ of Michigan.
  • Gil Strang, Mathematics, MIT
  • Anand Swaroop, National Institutes of Health.
  • Christophe Vignat, Univ. of Paris XI, France.
  • Bill Williams, EECS Univ of Michigan.
  • Bin Yu, UC Berkeley